The Future is Creative

“You don’t have to struggle making money from your creative passion. No more soul-destroying jobs, weekend “gigs”, or starving artist excuses. You simply need a plan to beat the overwhelm and get started.”

-The Future is Creative

Calling all freelancers, makers, artists, crafters, designers, content creators, performance artists, and any creative soul with a dream to create a business you love from your creative talents. 

-The Future is Creative

The Future is Creative…Is Yours? 

What if you didn’t need to struggle? Can you picture a life where money and business are not bad words?

What if you could build a life changing business around your creative talents while making a great impact?


  • You’re looking for resources, tools, and concrete steps to start and grow your creative business
  • You’re tired of struggling and ready to learn some basic business skills to bring your passion to the world
  • You want to be a part of an epic and supportive creative entrepreneur community

Truth Time: Creatives have a lot of baggage that

keep them poor. Simply put, toxic beliefs and

incorrect mindsets around business and money that

sabotage most creatives from even getting started. 

-The Future is Creative

Join 40+ Industry Experts That Guide You Through Step-By-Step Starting Your Own Freelance Business With Success!

A Free Online Summit Teaching you Exactly How to Start, Launch, and Grow your Freelance Business in Any Niche or Industry.

I bet you have been sitting at your desk at work shaking your head and thinking to yourself:

"I could totally do what I do on my own, make more money, and be my own boss."

From planning your transition to freelance, identifying your valuable skills, positioning your freelance business, branding, pricing, getting clients, and even product or service creation, Freelance Business Success Summit is going to be a life changing event.

The Blog

Think of the blog as a VIP business lounge for creatives including:

  • Inspiring interviews with successful creative entrepreneurs

  • Resource packed articles on business fundamentals

  • Reviews of the tools & tech to make running your creative business easy

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