The Starving Artist

Our Story & The Starving Artist

Working out of co-working spaces around the world and starting two successful businesses generating over $150K in one year… Joel & Mishie (#powercouple!) saw the same thing in every country.  The great divide between “business people” and the creative crowd.  The starving artist myth was everywhere!  

Why did all the creative types struggle with the same things?

  • They struggled with the basic business skills that held them back from being successful
  • They held toxic mindsets and beliefs around business and money that sabotaged even getting started


The Starving Artist

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(Help us Tell the World The Starving Artist is a Myth!)

Joel Bergeron

Joel has spent the last ten years of his career working closely with creatives in all aspects of their entrepreneurship journeys. Joel has:

  • Created one of the largest artisan cooperatives in Latin America supporting the export of fair trade artisan goods, crafts, textiles, and boutique products globally.
  • Helped build what is now the largest YouTube network in the world while living in Canada and Spain. He worked directly with content creators, creatives, and artists to tell their story through the power of online video.
  • Consulted numerous personal brands, makers, and artists to help bring their product to market. Joel has been living in Asia for the past seven years across various cities helping creatives with the business side of their passion.

Michelle Tan

It has been said that Michelle is the physical manifestation of the phrase “follow your dreams”. She achieved all ‘the life goals’ before 30 – climbing the corporate ladder, owning property, marriage – and then wondered what her life purpose was. When the man formerly known as her husband and Michelle parted ways, she decided to chase happiness and moved to the tropical paradise known as Ubud, Bali.

During the decade she spent working with large multinationals in Australia, Michelle had roles in risk management, project management, finance & budgeting, strategy & planning, quality assurance, recruitment, human resource management, training, ethics and corporate social responsibility.

She left her stable job to play full-time and became a professional hula hooper. She’s since founded The Hula Hoop Institute, where she produces Hoop Dream Retreats, along with Joel, in tropical locations across South East Asia.  With hula hoops in hand and a business background behind her, Michelle is inspired to empower more creative people to be truly successful and sustainable working with their natural talent and passions.

You can follow the adventures of Michelle and The Hula Hoop Institute on Instagram at @mishiehoops and @thehulahoopinstitute.